Why Invest In Gilead Sciences Stock?

Above: Why Invest In Gilead Sciences Stock?

An estimated 37 million people around the world have HIV. Around 17 million of them are taking prescription drugs to treat their condition, with the majority of those HIV drugs having been developed by Gilead Sciences. In fact, the total global HIV drug market totals more than $20 billion annually, with Gilead Sciences claiming the highest market share of any HIV drug maker in the entire world. This big biotech company had eight HIV drugs combine for sales of more than $12.8 billion in 2016, with Gilead’s Truvada being the top selling HIV drug in the world.

While the growth of Gilead Sciences was due primarily to its HIV franchise for much of the company’s history, in recent years its hepatitis C virus (HCV) drugs have made even more money. In 2016, Gilead’s hepatitis C virus (HCV) drugs combined to generate revenue of $14.8 billion. However, hepatitis C virus (HCV) sales are falling significantly, partially because of increased competition but resulting even more from lower patient starts, as the sickest hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients have already been cured by Gilead Sciences.

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