Medtronic – The Medical Device King And A Healthy, Painless Stock Investment For Retirement Portfolios

Above: Medtronic | History Of The World’s Largest Medical Technology Company.

If you are searching for a medical device company that offers regular dividend increases and stable cash flow, consider medical device king Medtronic (NYSE: MDT). Medtronic has increased its dividend for 39 years in a row, averaging annual increases of 12 percent over the past five years. Medtronic is a medical device company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Their operational headquarters is in Fridley, Minnesota in the United States.

Medtronic is the world’s largest medical technology company, operates in more than 140 countries, employs over 85,000 people, and has more than 53,000 patents worldwide. Medtronic has a giant global footprint in the medical device industry, with its product portfolio ranging from pacemakers to insulin pumps and pretty much everything in between. Its stake in nearly every medical device market gives it economies of scale and pricing power. Although Medtronic’s top line hasn’t quite performed as expected in recent quarters, new product launches should help boost revenue over the long term.