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Gianni Versace Women’s Collection Spring Summer – A Look Back In Time (High Fashion Modeling Flashback) To An All Time Classic Featuring The Supermodels Of The 1990’s

Above: Harper’s Bazaar United Kingdom December 2011 Magazine Cover With The 1990’s Supermodels Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell, And Yasmin LeBon. Makeup By Kirstin Piggott And Alex Babsky.

ZARZAR MODELS takes its millions of fans from around the world to an all time high fashion runway classic: the Gianni Versace Women’s Collection Spring Summer 1996 featuring the Supermodels of the 1990’s. This fashion video is for our fashion modeling fans that were born during the last decade that might not realize that the 1990’s was the “Supermodel Decade” where it was almost impossible to walk in to a store where magazines were sold and not see a Supermodel on the cover of a major magazine. For those born before that time, we simply wanted to remind you why Supermodels ruled the world during that marvelous decade.

For those that after watching the Gianni Versace high fashion runway show presented above still insist that today’s Supermodels are in the same league as the Supermodels from the 1990’s we present you the following fashion modeling videos as you just might be right this time. Perhaps many years from now the world will remember today’s Supermodels the same way that we remember those fabulous and extremely beautiful models from the “1990’s Supermodel Era”.

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